Is Team Canada’s Catherine Hui the best ultimate player in the world?

Scott Dunham posted a video of the Potlatch finals earlier this week. Thanks Scott!

The game is absolutely fantastic and both teams play really well. If you don’t want some accidental spoilers, watch the game before reading this post. If you’ve already seen the game, though one thing you might have picked up on is Team Canada’s Catherine Hui went completely bananas.

I posted a video of one of her points in my FB study group and got the following comment from Undergroud’s coach Frank Nam:

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 7.45.21 PM.png

After that I saw a fun tweet from Jesse Shofner:

Those two comments must have stuck with me because when I was out walking my dog tonight I started wondering if Catherine Hui was the best player in the world right now. So, below isn’t really a set of highlights, it is nearly all of her touches in the game. I’m sorry it is so long, but I didn’t want to make it shorter 🙂

In the game, Hui is wearing a red hat, a blue shirt and white shorts. The red hat is a lucky break for those of us watching the film because it makes her very easy to identify on the field.

(1) This example is a beautiful scoring cut after a huck. Watch especially Hui’s reaction when the huck is in the air. That’s when she gets so much separation on her defender.

(2) In this clip Hui is back handling and puts up a beautiful huck. The play her shows what makes her so unbelievably hard to guard – force her deep and she scores, force her under and she throws goals.

(3) Here she has one step on her defender when the disc goes up, but that’s all she needs . . . .

(4) This is the longest clip at 47 seconds. Even though her huck misses, what I wanted to highlight in this possession is that Hui is getting the disc whenever and wherever she wants it. She’s seeing the field so well – the game must feel so effortless for her right now.

(5) What I love here is, once again, the separation she’s getting when the huck is in the air. She’s not watching the huck, she’s cutting to score . . . which leads to another goal.

(6) This clip shows that her play is starting to change the game. Once again she gets a lot of separation when the disc is in the air to someone else. That separation causes another US defender to poach over to guard Hui and that leaves a player open for a relatively easy goal.

(7) [whoops, in my haste to publish the points I accidentally published clip 6 twice . . . ]

(8) Canada comes down in zone and matches up after a few passes. Hui is on the mark and the US player she’s marking cuts for a give and go. Hui gets a run through catch.

(9) This clip comes from later in the same point as the block in (8). Hui is poaching in the cutting lanes — way far away from the player she’s guarding. Eventually the pass goes up deep to Hui’s player and Hui has made up all of the ground and gets an easy block.

It is especially insane to note that when Georgia Bosscher catches the pass prior to the huck, Hui has just left the video frame.

(10) This clip is the 3rd example of Hui getting incredible separation when a huck is in the air to someone else. When this huck goes up Hui is 5 yards up field of her defender, and when the catch happens she’s 5 yards down the field. That hustle leads to an easy goal.

(11) Is she even on the field this point? Oh, yep . . . .

(12) Watch the poacher come flying into the lane when Hui comes under in the beginning. She’s completely changing how the US is playing defense. Watch the goal, too, I guess 🙂

So, there you go. One of the great individual performances in a game that you’ll ever see, and doubly impressive because it was against one of the best teams around.

Last year I wrote this blog post after seeing her play in a different Team USA vs Team Canada exhibition game:

Team Canada’s Catherine Hui is absolutely amazing

One year later I think last year’s post was understated.


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