Things I’m looking forward to in the 2017 ultimate season part 5: The rest :)

I’ve been writing about the upcoming club season. The first 4 posts are here:

Part 1: Thanks to Michelle Ng

Part 2: Riot and Fury

Part 3: Molly Brown

Part 4: Heist and Wicked

Here’s sort of a random collection of remaining thoughts:

(1) Players I hope I see on club rosters later this season

So many . . . but I saw that Kate Scarth and Mira Donaldson were not on Traffic’s roster.  They both are excellent players that I got to watch through the All-Star tour.  I hope to see them somewhere this season.


Hayley Wahlroos made a surprise mid-season appearance on Nightlock’s roster last year – I’m hoping for another surprise this year.

Stanford’s Monisha White has been terrific in the college scene the last two years.  I would love ti see her in the club division.

(2) Veteran Players I’ll definitely miss

I saw last week that Heather Waugh isn’t with Nightlock this year.  She’s been an a key player for them forever and always a joy to watch.

Someday I hope to get permission to send my son’s clay Grumpy cat to Heather!

Also, I only noticed after writing about Fury that Sarah Carnahan wasn’t back this year.  She was incredible to watch – here’s how I drew up her play in analyzing an old Fury game:

Finally, Kimber Coles is not on the Schwa roster this year.  If you ever feel like being really really happy about ultimate, just watch the All-Stars vs Schwa game from 2015 and listen to Chelsea Putnam rave on and on about Coles.    Definitely will miss watching her play.

(3)  Speaking of Schwa . . .

They picked up Mariel Hammand which was a huge surprise.  She’s sensational.  If you’ve not seen her play before check out the 2014 college semifinal between Central Florida and Oregon:

(4) Jenny Fey on Scandal’s roster!

Wasn’t sure if she’d be giving it a go again in 2017, but I was super happy to see her name on the roster! I’ve secretly been a huge fan of her’s for years. If you watch last year’s Scandal vs. All-Stars game you’ll she why:

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Jenny Fey

Here is one crazy goal from that game:

(5) Julia Schmaltz and Jaclyn Verzuh

Both dominated at college nationals. I’ve never met Schmaltz, but I can’t wait to see more of her:

I already know Jaclyn from Riot and the All Stars when she was doing things like this:


So far this club season I’ve seen Jaclyn doing some amazing work in the clinics that Riot does in Seattle. I think this is going to be an absolute break out year for her on the field.

(5) The World Games Team

The World Games team is always a mixed bag for me because there is just no way to whittle the best players down to that small of a group.  I’ve been both totally shocked and super excited by the selections over the years, but I’ll just stick to the positives here.

I already mentioned in the post about Fury how happy I am to see Anna Nazarov on the final team.  I’m just as happy about seeing Sarah Griffith returning to her usual super amazing form after a knee injury.

Someone who has put in a ton of work over the last decade is Carolyn Finney. Here’s her Callahan video from 2011 just to remind you how good she was *then*:

I first saw her play in 2009 when Brute Squad played the UCSB team at club nationas and Finney had the unenviable (and impossible) job of guarding Kathy Dobson. More recently, watching her destroy teams on Fury’s pull play led to Gwen and Rohre “borrowing” Fury’s pull play for the All-Stars O.

It has been great to see Finney grow as leader for Fury and I’m really happy that she’s been selected to represent the US in Poland.

Away from the US, I’m really excited to see Cat Phillips representing Australia at the World Games. I wrote about her here:

I’m a huge fan of Cat Phillips

Here’s just a quick example of her skill:

Can’t wait to see who matches up against her when the US plays Australia!

(6) Finally, I’m planning to watch a bit more mixed this season

I’m always struggled with mixed because I don’t understand the cutting lanes and I get really confused trying to understand what’s going on. But I watched a bit more last year because there were players I wanted to follow more – Drew Johnson and Claire Revere on Mixtape, Margot Stert on Polar Bears, and Sarah Anciaux on Drag ‘n Thrust, for example.

Watching them I got to learn about players like Sarah Meckstroth on Drag ‘n Thrust:

Bert Abbot on Mixtape:

and I’m really hoping to see some more of 2015 All-Star Carolyn Normile on Amp this year. I don’t have much video of her playing, but you can get a sense of her cannon arm with this huck (start around 19:15 in the video) at the 2016 NW Challenge:

Overall, although I doubt I’m going to be able to see any games live this year, I’m really excited for the 2017 club season!


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