Things I’m looking forward to in the 2017 club season part 4: Heist and Wicked

I’ve fallen behind in my series because work got busy. Here are the first 3 notes:

Part 1: Thanks to Michelle Ng

Part 2: Riot and Fury

Part 3: Molly Brown

Today I want to write about two teams from the midwest – Heist and Wicked.

I grew up in Omaha, my first ultimate tournament was in the summer of 1988 in Pella, Iowa, and I also spent a couple of years playing with Sub Zero in the mid 90s. So I’ve got a lot of reasons to root for teams from the Midwest. You don’t need to be from that part of the country to be excited about either Heist or Wicked, though, both teams are actually impossible not to root for!


I’ve followed Heist closely since getting to know Robyn Wiseman. She’s returning from a knee injury this year and a absolutely can’t wait to see her back on the field. The knee injury didn’t slow down any of her contributions off the field, though, and to recognize that work I gave her the inaugural Robin Davis coaching award earlier this year:

Announcing the 2017 True Veteran, Michelle Ng Inspiration, and Robin Davis Coaching awards

Also joining Heist this year is Sarah Anciaux. I haven’t followed mixed carefully in the past, so my first exposure to Anciaux’s play came when she played with the US National team last year. My reaction from seeing her play is here:

Some excellent examples from Canada’s Kate Weerry and the US’s Sarah Anciaux

I’d planned to throw together a little package to highlight Anciaux’s play from that game for today’s blog post, but the highlight film form the game that Nick Kolakovic made has so many of her great plays that I’ll just share that! Look for #78 starting around 0:50, then a couple of D’s and finally another goal around 2:20! You can also see a bit of her Heist teammate – #18 Georgia Bosscher Shriwise.

I’m really excited to see what contributions Anciaux makes to Heist this year.

Finally, Heist gets my “roster surprise of the year” vote adding former Fury player Bryn Martyna and Japan U24 player Yuna Iwaoka. You never know who is going to turn up in Madison, I guess!!


My introduction to Wicked came from Caitlin Fitzgerald and Clare Frantz who played with the All-Star Tour.

As I mentioned above, I’m always happy to see players from the middle of the country succeed, and both Frantz and Fitzgerald showed that the could play with anyone:

Here’s Frantz vs. Fury:

and here’s some Fitzgerald highlights from the Ozone game:

As I was starting to learn more about Wicked this year it was really cool to see that one of the captains, Jenna Galletta, came from Ohio State. It is exciting that players from big time ultimate programs are moving to the Kansas City area.

Also fun for me is that there are players from Nebraska! Robyn Wiseman told me that Amanda Borders (the SOTG leader on Wicked) used to commute to Heist practices from Lincoln, NE – as a practice player. That’s dedication. Can’t wait to see what she brings to Wicked this year!


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