Things I’m looking forward to in the 2017 club season part 3: Molly Brown

I’m planning to spend some time this week writing about a few things I’m excited about for the upcoming club season. Yesterday’s post was about Riot and Fury. Here’s the series so far:

Part 1: Thanks to Michelle Ng

Part 2: Riot and Fury

Today I want to write about Molly Brown.

Don’t even know where to start with this year’s Molly Brown team, so I’ll just ramble . . . .

I was really lucky to a couple of Molly Brown games live at the US Open last year. They were on the same fields as Riot and Scandal, so there were lots of great games to see in that little corner of the fields. It was actually super lucky because I got to see one of the most outrageous athletic plays I’ve ever seen in person when Megan Cousins made this catch (that’s been up on the wall behind my desk ever since!):

As exciting as their team was last year, some of the additions for this year are beyond exciting!

They’ve added Hannah Leathers who I got to know a bit through the 2015 All-Star tour and who is just sensational on and off the field. In 2015 after Ultiworld announced they they were broadcasting an Ozone game I thought it would be fun to write a blog post highlighting her play on D. The problem was that there weren’t really any good examples on camera because the players she was guarding didn’t touch the disc at all for the entire game. Not once! So much for that blog post – ha!

An amazing memory from the 2016 All-Star Tour was listening to Qxhna Titcomb and Miranda Roth Knowles rave about Hannah during the Ozone game. It makes practically cry every time I hear it.

Another player that Molly Brown added this year is Jesse Shofner. Shofner is doing so much great work in ultimate right now that it would take forever to try to mention it at all. One happy surprise was to see her out editing film with the Fulcrum Media Group folks at college nationals. What can’t she do??

A favorite Shofner moment for me is this short interview in the recap of the 2015 Riot vs All-Stars game. Also, reason number 2,432 to love Molly Brown this season will be seeing Shofner on the field with Lisa Pitcaithley again 🙂

Along with these two new additions, Molly Brown has players that I’ve loved watching for years. Sally Lambert was the first new player I saw throwing at my very first Brute Squad practice in 2008 – it has been an absolute joy to watch her career. Claire Chastain is one of the most fundamentally sound players I’ve ever seen and the player that I’d tell anyone looking to learn more about ultimate to watch. Megan Cousins is phenomenal, too. For me she’s a lot like Jenny Fey in that her style of play fits so well with how I think about the game. I’ll never get tired of watching her play.

Two years ago I was writing about a game that Ultiworld filmed between Molly Brown and the Capitals. That was my introduction to Rebecca Miller and Kirstin Johnson. I don’t have the game film, but here’s that blog post:

Molly Brown vs Capitals part 5: Rebecca Miller and Kirstin Johnson

Miller is an absolute super monster on the field. Watching her play is like watching the old honey badger youtube video on fast forward. If you’ve not seen her, make sure you get to Molly Brown sideline sometime this year.

Johnson’s play in that Capitals game was so great that I wrote to Opi right after the game to find out who she was. I think she missed last season with a knee injury, but I’m really happy to see her back this year. Can’t wait to see more of her in 2017.

Finally, I want to give a little shout out to Carolyn Matthews who is back with the team as a coach this year. She won a gold medal with the US Masters team last year and had this play on the final point:

I gave her the 2016 True Veteran Award

Announcing the 2016 True Veteran Award and the Michelle Ng Inspiration Award

It makes me really happy to see her back with the team this year!

Tomorrow I plan to write about Heist and Wicked


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