Things I’m looking forward to in the 2017 club season – part 2 Riot and Fury

I’m planning to spend some time this week writing about a few things I’m excited about for the upcoming club season. Yesterday’s post wasn’t about something I’m excited about, though, it was a thank you to Michelle Ng:

Part 1: Thanks to Michelle Ng

Today I want to write about Riot and Fury.

I’m really excited to see Riot being led by Shira Stern and Julia Snyder. My first encounter with Shira was at the 2013 US Open in Raleigh. It was her first big tournament with Riot and she was already drawing big match ups!

and she’s come a long way since then!

It has been great to watch her grow both as a player and as a leader.

I don’t know Julia well, or really at all. But I’ve watch her play a ton. This point from the Riot / Fury semifinal game last year really showed me a lot about her as a player:

From the roster announcement it looks like they’ve picked up a ton of great players including Steph Lim from Fury (and the All Stars!) and Lucy Williams from UW and Mixtape who I’ve loved watching for years.

Happy, too, to see players like Sarah Davis and (hopefully) Qxhna and Rohre returning from injuries, Surge playing at the World Games, and Calise, Paige, Dom, and Gwen playing with the beach worlds teams (sorry if I missed anyone).

I could really go on forever . . . the team is full of people who have done amazing things for the sport. It is so fun to follow them.

Fury –

There’s a lot to love about Fury, too 🙂

I’m happy that there’s even more MIT representation this year with Yelena Gorlin returning to the roster and joining Nancy Sun.

I’m beyond happy that they’ve picked up Beth Kaylor who has been blowing me away since I saw her matched up with Hannah Leathers at 2015 club nationals when she was with Schwa. Here’s just a little taste of Kaylor’s athleticism from the 2016 All-Star Tour (and, for fun, a nice comparison with a Lisa Pitcaithley catch from 2015:

They’ve also picked up Opi Payne which will add some fire power to . . . everything!

It is sort of a fun coincidence that I posted the video of Michelle Ng speaking at the Philly Fusion tournament yesterday because that tournament was also the first time I met Opi. Talk about a fun career to follow! Earlier this year I gave her the True Veteran Award for all the work that she’s doing to promote ultimate:

Announcing the 2017 True Veteran, Michelle Ng Inspiration, and Robin Davis coaching awards

Finally, I’m not sure how I could be a bigger fan of Anna Nazarov, so I can’t wait to see everything she does this year – both with Fury and with the World Games team. Her essay about not making the final cut for the 2013 team left a huge impression on me:

Getting Cut

She’s spent the four years since writing that working and working and working and the results have been some of the highest level play that I’ve ever seen:

And she’s done all of that work while promoting ultimate all over the place and coaching the Berkeley B team. Some people are really easy to root for 🙂

Tomorrow I hope to write about Molly Brown


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