Things I’m looking forward to in the 2017 club season – Part 1

I want to spend a little time this week writing about some things I’m looking forward to in the 2017 club season. Maybe 5 blog posts in total – I’d like to talk about Riot, Fury, Molly Brown, Heist, Wicked, the World Games team, and probably a few other things that haven’t come to mind just yet.

First, though, I want to start not with something I’m looking forward to, but something I’ll miss.

Phoenix’s roster is out – see here to view the list:

One name not on the roster this year is Michelle Ng.

If you are reading this blog there’s acutally no way in the world that you can be unaware of the impact that Michelle has had on ultimate in the last 10 years, so I don’t really need to go into very much detail.

I first met Michelle at the 2010 Philly Fusion tournament. Fortunately I was filming games and lent my camera to Beth Nakamura and Sara Jacobi who made this short video of the skills clinic:

The video is only 5 min long, but if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing just watch Michelle for 30 seconds 1:15. It’ll give you a tiny glimpse into what motivated her to give so much to ultimate.

Even though Michelle won’t be lacing up the cleats for Phoenix this year, it isn’t as though she’s going to go missing from the ultimate scene. So, the next time you see her be sure to thank her for all the work she’s done. People like her don’t come around very often!

My own way of thanking her was to name an award after her – the Michelle Ng inspiration award. This year’s winner was Anraya Palmer of Ozone. My short note about the 2017 awards is here:

Announcing the 2017 True Veteran, Michelle Ng Inspiration, and the Robin Davis coaching awards

Tomorrow I hope to write a bit about some of the 2017 rosters. With all of the changes, though, that might need to be split across two blog posts 🙂


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