I’m a huge fan of Cat Phillips

The two exhibition games between Australia and Japan this weekend were a treat to watch. I’m a little busy at work right now (and may even have a trip to Australia coming up . . . ) but I hope to be able to write a little bit about these two games.

You can find the two game films on the Ultimate Frisbee Australia youtube channel here:

Ultimate Frisbee Australia’s Youtube channel

But busy work schedules and other excuses aren’t going to stop me from giving a little shout out to Cat Phillips who is playing incredible ultimate right now.

Phillips has has a busy year already playing Australian Rules Football in between ultimate games. This highlight reel will give you a sense of her speed and athleticism:

In addition to that, her club ultimate team in Melbourne – Ellipsis – just won the Australian national championships a few weeks ago.

I was really excited to see more of her play with Australia’s national team and she didn’t disappoint. She was absolutely stellar in this series against Japan. In fact, she made her presence known right from the first point:

She’s such strong player that it is actually pretty hard to describe her game. She’s catching the pulls, staying back handling, making ferocious deep cuts, and playing monsterous D. You can slot her in any position and not have to worry about a thing (unless you are on the other team!).

A play in the 2nd Japan game really caught my eye because it shows her total control on the field. Watch a few times – especially to see how she handles the poacher.

But I didn’t really appreciate this play myself until the replay:

Love that casual walk down the field while the disc is in the air. She’s playing with so much confidence – the game must feel effortless for her right now.

So, I’m totally in the Cat Phillips fan club. Can’t wait to see more of her at the World Games.


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