Molly Brown / Capitals part 5: Rebecca Miller and Kirstin Johnson

This will be the last blog post on the Molly Brown vs. Capitals game. Links to the whole series are here:

Part I – Overview

Part II – some great fundamental skills on display

Part III – a few long throws

Studying the 8th point of the game

The game film is part of collection of games that Ultiworld is filming for USA Ultimate this year. If you haven’t subscribed to this series yet, you are definitely missing out!

One of the best things about watching these films is learning about some of the really talented players in the game that I really don’t know at all. Today’s post is going to focus on some fantastic play from two of Molly Brown’s players – #47 Rebecca Miller, and #29 Kirstin Johnson.

Miller first. When you watch this game her play basically jumps off the screen – she was making plays all over the field on O and D. I absolutely love her attacking style of play and think that if you are a young player looking to learn how to improve as a cutter, watching her play in this game is a great way to learn. My guess is that you’ll be hearing a lot more about her over the course of the season.

Also, sorry for running a little long in this and the next commentary videos, I just got really excited watching these two players again. The specific sequence of play from Miller that I want to focus for this post on starts around 7:00 in the game film:

Next up is #29 – Kirstin Johnson. She’s still in college, which I never would have guessed from watching her play. The clip of her play that I want to focus on starts around 28:50 in the film – just after Molly Brown’s Sally Lambert has to leave the field because of an injury.

What I love in Johnson’s play for this possession is that she’s not forcing anything at all. She’s taking exactly what the Capitals are giving her, playing completely within herself, and moving the disc down the field efficiently (and almost effortlessly!). This is what play by top level handlers looks like.  No Sportscenter plays,  nothing flashy, nothing forced, just great, great play. She reminds me a lot of Fury’s Carolyn Finney here and also a little bit of former Capitals (and Team Canada) player Danielle Fortin. Like Miller, I think you’ll hear a lot more about Johnson over the course of this year – and probably next college season, too!

This possession is a nice starting point for any young players looking to learn about great handler play, and also a great starting point for Miller herself to study and build off of. I’m really excited to follow her play for the rest of the season.

So, that’s it for Molly Brown vs. Capitals. If you made it all the way to the end of this series – thanks for following along 🙂


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